The Purpose of the Research Study, Problem, and Questions

Published: 2021-06-29 07:00:38
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Within the article that was research was titled, "Racial and Ethnic Disparity and Criminal Justice: How Much is Too Much?" It was apparent that this article was interesting and compelling. It has passed review by its peers and is very informative. This article was presented in a way that was written to supply the research data which describes the precise portions and pieces that were able to fulfill the race diversities within the criminal involvement and the racial patterns in the criminal justice system that have been important.
The Purpose of the Research Study, Problem, and Questions.
The main purpose of this study was to find out if the racial differences within the criminal justice system were vital within the past years, since the 1960's. This can be considered to be very important for the reason that within the present decades there has been a significant amount of research articles and literature that does concentrate on racial profiling by law enforcement officers and racial diversities, arrest, sentencing, and many other areas within the criminal justice system, as well as the juvenile justice system, which has also increased.
Design of the Study
The design of the study was to acknowledge that there was a broad range of research results, however there was not an admittance of the limitation to the minute sizes that have been taken into account when observed. With this stated, there had only been some studies that actually had found that there were no racial or ethnic diversities, rather than a large racial diversities. When there was a comparison of the American criminal justice system practices in the last decades of the twentieth century and the first of the twenty-first with earlier periods the former probably looks to be fairer and more just than the latter. (Crutchfield, R.D., Fernandes, A., Martinez, J. 2010) The diversities that have been found are known to be not "too much" There have been other researchers and criminologist that has argued that the difference is statistically important. As a result, it does not really make it an actuality, but it does make it able to be known throughout everyday life. Within the studies there are no reports that there is a significant racial diversity within the criminal justice processing and the studies that were reported had substantial diversities. However, when taken together, the observed differences were questioned. The outcomes of the studies had reported that there are important racial differences within the criminal outcomes, but the effect sizes are known to still be too small.

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