The Pros and Cons of Facebook

Published: 2021-06-29 07:03:50
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Millions of people around the world use social media websites like Facebook everyday. Facebook was founded by a Harvard student who created and originally intended Facebook to be a college social network, but now anyone can join. Facebook is a place where people can keep in touch with their old friends, new friends and family. Users create a personal profile which lists their personal interests, where the attended school, birthdate, and contact information. You can also view other user profiles, post photographs, chat, post comments, and exchange private messages. You may also play games, take quizzes, and read daily horoscopes, and participate in surveys. It is also a place where people spend a little too much time. Anyone can create a user profile so you should be careful whom you choose to interact with when using Facebook. Social networks such as Facebook have become an integral part of our lives, but we must be careful how we use them. Facebook is a good medium for keeping in touch with friends, but spending too much time on this site could cause problems in your life. What are the pros and cons of Facebook?
To begin with, Facebook is a great social media site to have. If you choose to do so, you could share your thoughts, and even post your photographs. Facebook offers you freedom to choose whom you would like to share your updates and photographs with. You can interact with people with similar thoughts and ideas across the globe. You can even choose to be part of a group with people who have common cause or concern, or merely just a similar interest. You can be well informed about what gos on in the lives of the people who are close to you, but are separated by physical boundaries. My bestfriend lives in Phoenix Arizona, Facebook makes it easy for her and I to communicate and stay in touch with one another. We send pictures of our growing families and speak about the new adventures we endeavor. Facebook provides you with a virtual timeline of your life through your Facebook updates throughout the years. Users can also promote their product, they can even choose their target audience based on their interests, gender, age, and geographic region. You can even organize events and parties with the events application on Facebook. I think the biggest Pro for Facebook is the fact that it offers all these features for free.
However with all these great features comes some bad ones as well. I personally think Facebook can affect your total lifestyle so much you won't be able to go through a day without updating or posting a new status or picture. Do I feel safe on Facebook? My answer is no. I believe privacy on Facebook is an issue. When you are dealing with the Internet, nothing is really ever private. When you post pictures to Facebook they become the property of Facebook. They use these pictures in advertisments. You may decide to delete a picture, but in the end Facebook will always have them as they are loaded

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