The Power of Women’s Lure and Men’s Take Risk

Published: 2021-06-29 07:03:40
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Jiaxuan (Olivia) LiEN-133European Cultures Essay20 Feb. 2017The power of women’s lure and men’s take riskIn the process of transforming the essential world to Judeo-Christian world, both women and men contribute a lot and are absolutely necessary. Women’s lure comes first, which lead to Men’s take risk, which finally create the opportunity for them to know the importance of coming together. I would like to analyze this topic from “The Horse Dealer’s Daughter” written by D.H. Lawrence and “The Crush” directed by Michael Creagh.On one hand, Women need to lure men, though it is unconsciousness, it is actually an important motivating factor of the transforming process because it makes man become willing to taking risks for them. In “Horse Dealer’s Daughter”, women’s lure is reflected in the expression of Mabel’s eyes. When she and Jack meet at the first time, Mabel’s eye “made him uncomfortable, unsetting his superficial ease” (69). At that time, Mabel is accustomed to use her indifference to face the world. However, even at this time, her eyes still somehow touch Jack’s heart and gives him different feeling, which plants the seed of the lure. When he passes by the cemetery and meets Mabel again, he finds out that: “there was a heavy power in her eyes which laid hold of his whole being” (71). A little eyesight has enormous energy which gives Jack a great touch, so it can illustrate that Mabel’s eye lures Jack’s heart, arouses Jack’s humanity and desire for love. So to speak, Mabel drowns in the pond, but he drowns in Mabel’s eyes.

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