The Popular Rise of Redshirting

Published: 2021-06-29 07:05:25
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"The Popular Rise of Redshirting"
Allison Boswell
PSY 384

Everyone wants their children to have an exceptional education. They want their children to go to all the right schools and they start to achieve this goal as early as preschool and Kindergarten. Many parents want their children to be accepted into elite private kindergarten. Parents get their kids private tutors and all of the best learning equipment in order to give their children the upper hand in being accepted at one of these elite schools, even children sending their kids to public schools are just as worried about their child excelling at school. A practice that is gaining popularity is holding a child back a year from kindergarten-instead of starting at five years old as is the normal age, he/or she will start at age six.
This practice has become so popular that it has become known as "red shirting" (Dell 2011). Redshirting derives from the athletic world when an athlete sits out a year or more in order to lengthen eligibility. A parent choosing to hold their kids back a year gives them the opportunity to spend extra time on their alphabet and also gain an extra year of growing time, although that pertains mostly to boys. In Dell's article she quotes Emily Glickman, president of Abacus Guide Educational Consulting, "This has been a trend for years but it has accelerated in the last five."

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