The Politics of Racial Reparations by Charles P. Henry

Published: 2021-06-29 07:04:43
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Article Review #1        Charles P. Henry examines why reparations for Blacks are a constant topic of debate, how it is still relevant today, and what can be done to solve the issue. In order to do this, the article uses examples of historic events that have acted as a catalyst in the fight for Black reparations. The thesis for The Politics of Racial Reparations by Charles P. Henry claims that both the theoretical and political are actions necessary to make amends for the treatment of African Americans. Additionally, it states that an overall centralized analysis of the entire history of African Americans is required to solve this issue, not just a look into slavery.        Henry approaches this topic by using historical data to provide the reader with an understanding for the constant rise in action demanded out of lawmakers when it comes to Black reparations. He acknowledges that the governments unwillingness to apologize for its actions against African Americans, even when it has done so for many other groups. The reason stated for this is that it would “undermine American Exceptionalism” (Henry 132). American exceptionalism is the ideology the United States hold to represent itself as a unique and prosperous nation, and does so with respect to the ideas of democracy and freedom. This statement made in the article is claiming that to apologize would mean the governments acknowledgement a horrible action that is the opposite of what the country stands for, and so instead the government has decided it best to “erase slavery from the national conscience” (132).

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