The Person I Admire

Published: 2021-06-29 07:05:20
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There are several people that I admire. The one that I admire the most is my Dad. I am so blessed that I got to know him for twelve short years. He taught me so much, lessons that I will take with me for the rest of my life.

My Dad was admired at work. He was very respected there as well. He always listened to the people that worked for him and tried to find solutions to any of their problems. The people that he reported to valued his opinion on things. He was extremely hard working and dedicated.

The one person that he loved as much as us kids was my Mom. They were a great team and did everything together. They would dance and sing with each other and always had a great time. No matter what my Mom cooked for dinner, my Dad loved it. They also had a secret wink that they would do. When they would wink at each other, it meant that they loved each other and everything would be fine. In all the years of living with them, I never saw them fight.

We looked and looked at land and houses for a very long time before we choose a house in Fort Worth. It had everything we wanted. I can remember my Mom and Dad moving stuff in. My Dad was so strong and he did most of the heavy lifting by himself. My Dad starting slurring his speech right after we moved to Fort Worth. I don't think any of us kids even noticed it but my Mom did. She talked him into seeing a doctor. One doctor lead to another doctor and then another. They were told it was a motor neuron disease. More doctors and test followed and finally they were given a diagnosis.

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