The Paradox of Great Leadership

Published: 2021-06-29 07:11:45
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This lesson is to understand what we mean when we refer to the concept authenticity of a leader. What must have the personality and what attitude to his team and fans.

In an era dominated by distrust and frustration of people towards politicians and businessmen, a leader to be successful and the trust people should be authentic behavior, be sincere, honest and integer.
By this we mean:

1) what he says to keep up with what it does,
2) have self-awareness
3) have chamaileontiki behavior. Adjusted each time according to people or group to which it relates.

It's a difficult role because it can easily be classified as non-genuine leading supporters, followers, to reject it.
Good leaders must create a sense of confidence to be visionaries, to know the nature of work and their environment to know if other people in the group told the truth. Are attractive and ideal.
The features that people use to define themselves are gender, class, skin color, country. Leaders need to feel good about themselves and their place of origin and to accept others and we have no culture.
A leader must never forget its roots. Why do multiple roles will have to attempt to achieve its objectives and to climb step towards the end can lose its identity.

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