The Needs of Future Generations

Published: 2021-06-29 07:11:29
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The needs of future generations are being met by current policies of sustainable development.
To what extent do you agree with this statement?

Modern lifestyles cause shortage of natural resources, pollution, destroying ecosystems, increasing social inequality, climate change. Current policies of sustainable development are the best way for solving these problems and it can respond to the diverse needs of existing people and future generations. "Sustainable development provide for the fundamental needs of humankind with doing violence to the natural system of life on earth" (Marten, 2006). Also, it offers methods to make better determinations on the problems that influence our lives in long-term. It requires an awareness of environmental, social and economic restrictions as we confront in society. This essay will examine what are the needs of future people and how they are fulfilled by current policies of sustainable development.

The demands of future people increase significantly and will continuously grow without end due to they always find things to satisfy their life. This leads can be cause of problems in later decade. First of all, consumption of basic factor such as food, water and electricity rise and these may be inadequate in the future so the people have to seize them for well-being or survival. Secondly, demand will continuously surpass supply and energy costs will increase rapidly. The globe's traditional oil production has already peaked and total oil production will maximum rise within a decade from evidence suggestion (Campbell & Laherrere, 1998; Deffeyes, 2001; Hall et al., 2003; ASPO, 2008; Meng & Bentley, 2008). Using too many traditional fossil fuels is a cause of the depletion of non-renewable resources and also pollution, global warming and climate change from emission of carbon dioxide. Next, modern lifestyle always destroy ecosystem due to we always have unsustainable behavior. Moreover, the industrial expansion pollutes air, water and soil. Lastly, healthiness is the one thing which people emphasize. Diseases, pollution and also bad habit make people get illness. For example, they smoke cigarettes and that makes them and people around them less healthy, and create pollutions to the air as well. Thus, they want good welfare for support their treatment. Apart from these problems, there are troubles that happen from the needs of future people such as job opportunities, economic contention, social inequality and overall quality of lives.

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