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Published: 2021-06-29 06:59:04
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The thing here is whether cresordia should launch the resorbable product or not. The main problem is the product has not been tested on the quality standard of cresordia. The market is eager to use these kind of product and the competitor of cresordia "inostat" has launched these flawful products in the market so people who want to use these product have to choose the inostat because the cresordia is not in the market of resorbable products. Cresordia has two challenges in launching these product in the market, first, they launch the product and the product gets failed, this will affect the profit of the company and badly affect the faith of their customers. And second, if they didn't launch the product then their competitor increase its share in market and cresordia lose very much in very short time.
According to cresordia's research department the resorbable products are ready for human testing. There is only failure of 8 percent of implants. The main problem associated with these materials is sometimes they disintegrate before the bone fully gets healed and sometime not fully disintegrate at all. To tackle this problems cresordia have to make such a drugs, which are helps to disintegrate material rapidly and, which slow down the disintegration. And there should be check up by doctors by regular intervals how much the material disintegrate and how much it should be, so that the disintegration can be controlled by the drug delivery. So they have to make these drugs also and have to keep the price low also. So this decrease the profit also.

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