The Little Things

Published: 2021-06-29 07:03:50
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The Little Things
Small talk about the good ol' days is what brought up memories for them. The smell of fresh homemade cookies, the odd faces her neighbors kids would make towards her or the unforgettable memories made with her husband filled the room. You could tell she had been through a lot, but there wasn't a single instant where the creases around her mouth had shown. As I sat there, listening to my mom and Evelynn talk I had realized that I was being thrown my first life line.
Evelynn and Ron lived a couple houses down from us. They were an elderly couple with two kids, maybe three, I couldn't remember. My family had never really talked to them before, but I would occasionally see Ron and his at-home nurse going for walks. I noticed the Band-Aid on his arm covering where a needle used to be. He looked fragile, like one quick move over a bump in his wheelchair would cause him to break. He sat in his wheelchair the whole walk occasionally adding input to the conversation the nurse and I were having. That was the first and only day I had walked with Ron. It would also turn out to be the last. When I found out Ron passed shortly after I couldn't imagine how Evelynn was dealing with the loss of her husband. Around this time my mom befriended Evelynn shortly after Ron had passed, and when she found out that I was the one who had walked with her husband she wanted to meet me. I never would have imagined that just simply asking to join a neighbor on a walk could have the power to develop a friendship that changed my perspective on how much the little things can change a person's life.

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