The Land of Opportunity

Published: 2021-06-29 06:53:12
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Have you become a victim to the current economy crisis that has crippled the United States of America? The USA has gone from the land of opportunity to the grounds of an immigration war between the USA and a major bordering country, Mexico. "The number of undocumented workers peaked in 2007 at 12 million and then declined to a steady 11 million in the following years" states Brian Resnick from National Journal (2013). This figure comes from the efforts of Jeffery Passel, a senior demographer at the Pew Hispanic Center. Why has the government become so relaxed when it comes to guarding our borders to prevent people from coming into our country without going through the proper channels? Currently in this country we have immigrants taking valuable jobs from natives of the United States, increasing the level of poverty and increasing the strain on the already limited state, federal and welfare programs; all of which add to the current economic crisis but yet illegal immigrants aren't being deported as they once were due to the loosely stated immigration laws that need to be changed.
There is a very popular myth going around stating that immigrants do the jobs that natives don't want to do. That couldn't be further from the truth. While immigration allows residents of the U.S. pay lower prices for things items as fruits and vegetables but it also causes problems in the overall evaluation of the wage market for all people to receive a decent hourly wage. The article "Preface to 'Does Illegal Immigration Harm US Citizens?"(2012), states that "The immigrants that account for the negative fiscal impact of immigration in California and the United States as a whole are primarily individual with low skill levels" (Preface to 'Does Illegal Immigration Harm US Citizens' 2012). These jobs are typically minimum wage jobs such as fast food, farm work, janitorial work, landscaping, construction and house cleaning. A particular place you would think would be the least populated by illegal immigrants is major fast food restaurants. There have been incidents where a general manager had to fire an employee because it became common knowledge that the employee was in the United States illegally under a false name and social security number which he submitted on his application. The very next day, the same immigrant came back to the restaurant and presented a new name and new social security number to the manager and was once again gainfully employed. "[Economist] George Borjas estimates that over the period 1980 to 2000 immigration contributed to a decrease in average U.S. wages of 3 percent" (Preface to 'Does Illegal Immigration Harm US Citizens 2012). Now obviously if the manufacturer doesn't have to pay as much to produce a product then the consumer doesn't have to pay as much in a retail setting. But the amount of people able to purchase that product is decreased due to not having income to pay.

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