The Internet Paper

Published: 2021-06-29 07:12:23
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The following paper includes the description and how the Internet is use in the Northside Independent School District. This paper will describe the issues of how the Internet is used for advertisement, for external and internal information dissemination, for market research, for value-added service, and if any apparent tie-in Northside Independent School District tactical or strategic plans.

The Internet Paper
School district around the United States, Including Northside Independent School District (NISD), moved into the "information century". NISD provided Internet and network access to employees and students. The technology tool provide an information resource from around the world, are used wisely, gives opportunities for communication and collaboration, and is a media-rich learning and teaching experience for educators and students.
Staff and students must take personal responsibility; behave ethically in order for the function to be effective in this environment, even when the NISD technology provides the freedom to use the Internet. The NISD website is a district develops strategy, policies, resources, and guidelines that address how parents, staff, and students use the related technology and the Internet.
The NISD Executive Director of Communication with the help of technology services established guidelines to develop and format WebPages that are controlled by the NISD District.

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