The Impact of the Internet on Business

Published: 2021-06-29 06:57:26
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Business Computer Applications

The Impact of the Internet on Business
A fundamental new rule of business is that the internet changes everything! Internet technologies are altering the way every company, even the small ones, deals with its employees, partners, and suppliers. A digital system can transform businesses by energizing the three major elements of any business: customer/partner relationships, employees, and process. (Gates 72-73). Corporate Web Sites where customers can do business with a company are as essential as the telephone and a mailing address have been. Digital Technology can create a paperless office, replacing paper processes with digital processes liberating workers to do productive work. Electronic forms and e-mail have been used to streamline processes and replaces most (if not all) paper systems.
Customers want high-quality products at low prices, and they want them now. Every business, whether it is one that produces products and services or a supplier to that producer, has to deal with a market that demands not only speed but staying consistent with that speed. Information technology dramatically improves a company's competitive position.
The internet can be used to strengthen relationships with customers. Most companies use the internet to interact with their customers in ways that have never been possible before. From automotive dealers to travels sites and every possible business in between has used internet technology to promote their product.

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