The Impact of Impulse

Published: 2021-06-29 06:53:49
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Ray Kulp
Mrs. Gatto, period 5
English 10 H
26 April 2011
The Impact of Impulse
In the real world, mature people tend to think about their decisions before they make them and think of the consequences of their decision and alternatives. On the other hand, immature people are prone to acting on impulse or rather their emotions their feeling at that time without considering the consequences. Holden Caulfield, the main character in The Catcher in the Rye is one of those immature people who make impulsive and significant decisions based off of their emotions rather than reason. He seems to feel a constant sense of loneliness, insecurity, and desperation. Holden is a child who does not want to grow up: a common desire for almost all children. However, Holden is a teenager who is entering young adulthood: therefore, his decisions and thoughts can be seen as childish. He continues to evade places which he is unfamiliar to, but surprisingly he feels comfortable in the presence of strangers. Holden's impulsive decision making is a result of the complexity of his emotions that eventually brings him to his downfall.

Holden's loneliness causes him to do certain things that he wouldn't do otherwise. Because of his chronic loneliness, Holden reaches out to others to satisfy his hunger for attention and love. He doesn't have many people to give him attention, let alone to talk to. He reaches out to people around him such as Ackley who isn't exactly a friend. He goes to Ackley's room after his fight with Stradlater and this is most likely because he was lonely; causing him to turn to a random person for affection. Holden has a difficult time reaching out to people that he knows, but surprisingly he has an easier time reaching out to strangers. Once he leaves Pencey Prep, Holden embarks on a journey back to New York. On the train to the city, he meets a woman named Mrs. Morrow who turns out to be the mother of a boy who he went to school with. He reaches out to her and after they've talked for a little while. He invites her to have a drink with him. This being a woman he barely knows; nevertheless, he tries to have a drink with her. Once he is in the city, Holden reaches out to several strangers such as the cab driver. He asks the driver to join him for drinks even though he doesn't know this man, simply because he is lonely. Later, he reaches out to a woman in the hat-check room at the bar. One could suggest that Holden is simply attracted to almost every woman so he invites a lot of them to have a drink with him except Holden states that he is quite uncomfortable in sexual situations so this poses the idea that he continually asks women to have drinks with him because of his loneliness. Not only does he reach out to adults, but Holden also reaches out to children; Phoebe in particular. Phoebe is a young girl but is made out to be intelligent for her age. He reaches out to her because she is the only family member he has left that accepts him. Holden's continuous attempts for friendship are a result of his loneliness but unfortunately for Holden, these attempts usually don't go as planned and exhibit his inability to make friends.

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