The Impact of Gender Roles

Published: 2021-06-29 06:54:43
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In eastern culture, traditional ideas. Men are superior to women, and husbands are superior to wives. In traditional marriages, marital relations are developing foundation of gender roles. In China, for example, several thousand years of tradition show that women are treated as inferiors in Chinese society.
In modern times, society plays the role of setting up gender-role-stereotypes. A child can easy watch television, watch movies, read books, surf on internet and learn more about the gender-role-stereotypes.The media gives children different expectations and standards on gender roles.
From study maintain that as gender roles have changed, they have opened greater opportunities for females. But men face a dilemma. The old model of the "macho man" is less acceptable in today's world than it was even three decades ago, and men are struggling to reinvent themselves. Some men are so dependent on the old roles for their identity that they find themselves at a loss when confronted with new expectations. For example, some men cannot adjust when they discover that their wives or girlfriends earn more money than they do, and end the relationship(Gender roles,2009). Although some people believe in the traditional role of the gender, many are now questioning the idea of traditional gender roles and also the nagative impact it has on individual freedom and individual life in modern society. The definition of what is a man or woman's role in society is no longer obvious or clear cut.

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