The House That Built Me

Published: 2021-06-29 07:02:33
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The House That Built Me
One Lakeshore Drive sits a beautiful one-story brick house that many could call home. This place is where a vast majority of my childhood was spent with family. I would enjoy long nights sleeping over with my grandma, Ga-Ga, and spend holidays and other special days with the whole family. The house was more enjoyable than my own most of the time, which is why the house on Lakeshore Drive was my grandparent's house, and my home.
Like something out of a movie, the yard had a semi-circle driveway with a generous maple tree smack dab in the middle. I would get paid to help Ga-Ga with little chores around the house, but coming outside and sweeping with her was my favorite. The house was hidden right behind the bushes with double doors that had long, vertical windows on each side; this was the portal into this magical place. When first walking into the foyer, a small sky light illuminates the entry and welcomes you inside. Many Halloween costume photo shoots were conducted here including the typical little baby pumpkin costume all the way to my 5th grade witch costume. Still at the front of the house is the family room that looks out to the front yard thorough a huge window. This room is where the best holiday of the year happened, Christmas. A tree would set up in the corner and another small tree on the table next to it which had one ornament for every person in the family with their name on it. After opening presents at my own house, I would look forward to being with all of my family around our small trees wondering what they got me that year.

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