The Herd

Published: 2021-06-29 06:53:45
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The Herd was the first of its kind during the Vietnam War. It was established to correct any situation that went off the path to which it was intended. This means to make the problem disappear. Now the definition of a problem during this unpopular war could mean many different things. For sake of argument I am going to define problem as correcting an unethical situation in a foreign country. There were many times during the war that made people feel as if we were doing wrong to the Vietnamese. And that may be true to some degree. But the Herd went in a corrected the the wrong doing by punishing the wrongdoers who were either on our side or the enemies. You could call them the police of the Vietnam war. If a troop was caught doing particular crimes that were not within the boundaries of what the United States called ethical the Herd was sent in to correct and punish the wrongdoers. This could be done in many different ways. They could be arrested and put into jail. They could be demoted from rank. Or they could be dishonorably discharged and sent home and even sent to jail for a significant amount of time. Depending on the severity of the crime the Herd would make the call for judgement. The Herd consisted of 12 men who were picked because of their excellent military record and years of experience. The men were trained in all aspects of war and all aspects of policing criminals within a war environment. It was not easy to pick the men nor was it easy training them. Training was a year long and each man must have completed hand to hand combat, first aid training and para-trooping. The skills were perfect. Over 50 men tried bit only 12 made it. It was truly an honor to serve in this prestigious group for the men.

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