The Future of Humanity

Published: 2021-06-29 07:01:27
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The Future of Humanity

In a 100 years, the world will be very different. There will be life-changing technology, faster transportation, and maybe even a cure to cancer. Some researchers predict that there could even be underwater cities, printed food, and holiday trips to Mars. Further, important aspects of our lives today that would definitely shock the minds of those who look back on us, similar to how we are shocked by those that came before. Future historians will criticize and question the ways we lived our lives, such as the awful and unethical ways we treat other people, animals, and our environment.
Today, there are many internal conflicts in our society. We criticize people based on their sexual orientation, gender, race, religious views, and more. At times, it seems as if there is no hope. However, looking back on past generations, it is easy to say that people have developed a stronger sense of conscience and moral values, considering at one point the only people to hold any position of power were rich, white men. Therefore, with any luck, our treatments to other humans and animals will improve over time; there will be better people, ideas, and thinking than there is now. However, one thing that future generations will not be able to improve upon is the environment since the effects of climate change are only abatable, not stoppable.
For centuries, there has been no drastic change to improve the overall quality of our environment. Consequently, the treatment and management of our environment will be one of the biggest burdens that we leave for future generations. They will question our thoughtless attitude towards nature.

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