The Franklin Equipment Ltd Case Study

Published: 2021-06-29 07:12:05
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2016[Type the company name]Madzebe N.M[THE FRANKLIN EQUIPMENT LTD CASE STUDY]The evaluation and solutions of the problems facing Franklin Equipment Ltd on the Abu Dhabi Project.Table of ContentsExecutive Summary        2Introduction        4Project Team        4Problems and their causes        51.        The inability of FEL’s selection criteria of team members to select the best team for the project.        52.        Charles Gatenby’s lack of qualities as a successful project manager.        53.        Elaine Bruder’s demotivation.        54.        The feud between Bill Rankins and Rob Perry.        5Specific prioritised steps   (Solutions)        61.        FEL Selection Criteria Problem        62.        Charles Gatenby’s problem        73.        Elaine Bruder’s problem        74.        Rankins and Perry’s feud        7Conclusion        9Bibliography        10Executive SummaryFranklin Equipment Ltd (FEL) is a Canadian company that deals with designing and fabricating large custom built machines for the construction industry. It is expanding its operations to overseas countries and has landed a project to design and fabricate a rock-crushing plant for a client in the Middle East. The project is named Abu Dhabi. FEL is facing a number of challenges with its team managers. The Project manager Charles Gantby is excited about the project but he is ignoring problems that can hinder its success. The cost accounting manager Elaine Bruder is disinterested in the project and the Design Engineer Bill Rankins and The Operations Manager Rob Perry have a feud that threatens to derail the whole project. The only manager who seems to be 100% focused on the project is Sam Stonebreaker the human resource manager. The company has also hired a project consultant Carl Jobe to work on the project. Jobe is faced with the dilemma of helping the project team work together effectively in order to make Project Abu Dhabi a success.

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