The Forbidden Romance

Published: 2021-06-29 06:54:57
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In looking back at the past to understand the present and to look forward to the future of South Africa we are reminded of the familiar dominant issues such as the high incidence of HIV/AIDS, the high rate of poverty, and the endless fight of political oppression. During the early 1900s, in a world where racial prejudice is ever-present, a forbidden romance, an interracial romance was thought as a social taboo. In fact, apartheid policy enforced the segregation, a real separation between black and white people in the society of South Africa. Little is known in the Western world pertaining to the region's contribution to literature. The primary focus of this inquiry is to pose a basic human question: does love conquer all? Although many of us believe such a question to be true, I will seek to find the answer based on the analysis of the short story "Country Lovers", by Nadine Gordimer. It follows that in this analysis I will explain how Gordimer used the narrative elements of theme, plot, and character to enhance her story and make it a richer experience.
As a result of apartheid policy, Gordimer used the pen and her mind as her weapon of choice to expose the social injustices that the majority of the black people suffered. It follows that these social injustices would be reoccurring themes in her literary works. The following example of "Country Lovers" is one such literary work. According to Clugston (2010), theme is the central idea or ideas explored by a literary work. It leads one to believe that it is the idea behind the story. Furthermore, Trump (1986) explains the theme conveys to the reader what the story is about. To illustrate is Gordimer's "Country's Lovers," a story about forbidden love. In this particular case, it is a story about an interracial couple, Paulus and Thebedi, forbidden to be together by the laws and customs of South Africa during apartheid. Although the characters are well aware of the risks of being together holds as Paulus a member of the white ruling class, and Thebedi, a member of the poor and powerless, non-white Africans. Both, however, have tender feelings for each other and choose to participate in forbidden love resulting in the overall theme of how racial segregation and social differences affect people's lives.

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