The Erosion Case

Published: 2021-06-29 07:07:31
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According to (Week 4 Ch. 8 Reading. (n.d.). Sedimentary rocks originate from

the erosion of pre-existing rocks that have been broken down through weathering. When

the sediment is placed and underground, it lithifies and develops into new rock.

Furthermore, According to (Amethyst Galleries. (1995-2010). Sedimentary Rocks are

shaped through assembly and successive alliances of residue into several kinds of

rock. Its source is the residue. Sediments are unmerged substances that possess

distinct backgrounds. Eventually, the background of the residue is due to weathering,

erosion and the substance analysis of additional rocks. These additional rocks may be

metamorphic, igneous or also could be additional sedimentary rocks. The category plus

the magnitude of the residues and the way they are developed will indicate the

categorization of various sedimentary rocks. The three categories of sedimentary rocks

are biochemical, clastic and evaporative. The distinguishing characteristics between the

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