The Environment and Consumer Segmentation for the Apple Iphone 5s

Published: 2021-06-29 06:55:20
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------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------You are hereby Granted an Extension to your Due date for your Assignment. Your extended Due Date is 1pm Friday 21st October.Could you please cut & paste a copy of this section of this email granting the Extension into the front of your work, before submitting it via Turnitin. This will ensure that NO Late Penalty will be applied to your mark if you submit by the Extended Due Date.------------------ Executive Summary The report assemble most important things that the marketing environments have to cover . There is an infinite solidarity in the factors covered such as micro environments where it provide clear explanation about the performance of the company in the real market . The strength and the weaknesses too can be identified with the completion of this report . Next , the report also focus on finding the key findings to resolve the targeted market problem . The key findings include drawing the conclusion between each segmentation and the key problem . Lastly , the projected results conclude that the price of the product has to be revised in order to increase the revenue . Table of ContentsExecutive summary Table of content Introduction 1.Marketplace and inluencing factors   1.1  Micro environment    1.2  Apple iphone 5s    1.3 Competitors analysis    1.4 Analysis of other MIcro Environment player    1.5 Environmental factors influencing the company 2. Consumer segmentation    2.1 Profiling environments defined     2.2 Justification of the segmentation base 3. Segment attractiveness    3.1 Size and growth     3.2 structural attractiveness      3.3 Company objectives and resources 4. Recommendation for additional research 5. Conclusion 6. Recommendation 7. References .Assignment 3: Environment Analysis and Consumer SegmentationIntroduction The purpose of this report is provide information on the environment and consumer segmentation for the Apple iPhone 5S. The report is being commissioned by Apple to better understand the market where their product exists. Gathering information for this report was difficult and may not contain the entire picture because of gaps in data from sources that were not available to us but all care has been taken to present an accurate report as possible. This report will contain many elements including a definition of the micro-environment in which the Apple iPhone 5S exists. There will be a competitor analysis to understand what alternatives exist in the marketplace. An analysis of the other micro-environment factors. An analysis of the macro-environment factors that affect the product. There will then be a look into possible consumer segmentation that has not been currently put into effect. These different consumer segmentations will then be assessed by their appeal. Finally, there will be a recommendation for additional research in areas where there is a lack of research.

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