The End of Race

Published: 2021-06-29 07:03:31
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The End of a Race
Race is defined as major divisions of humankind based on having distinct physical characteristics or sharing the same culture, history, and language. After reading "The End of Race: Hawaii and mixing of people" by Steven Olsen. I realized Society created race, ultimately we are all the same, and biologically genetically there is very little difference between races. No one is really "pure" of one race we are all mixed. However the possibility of end of race is unthinkable, as most of the people from the same race tend to gravitate towards each other due to multiple reasons such as similarities, familiarity, barriers and stereotypes, whereas there is a possibility of a new race.
People that are from the same race tend to lean towards each other, because they have the so many similarities, and they tend to be more comfortable with the familiarity by having a partner of the same race. A similarity would be tradition, it is still very apparent in many races this is a huge part of the understanding people and what they are like when seeking compatibility. Another similarity would be morals beliefs and values, as these three things make up majority of one's personality, people from the same racial background tend to be brought up with similar values, beliefs and morals.
The world trends still are not on the same page, there are so many barriers that keep races apart such as language, education, religion, culture and even wealth. In terms of culture, take the Indian culture for example- the majority of the culture have not brought into the idea of "love" that society has created, they marry for convenience, trade and to enhances the chances to preserve and continue the ancestral lineage (Uberoi, 1993). Also, our society is so diverse; it isn't too common to have an all white or all black town. An example used by Olson in reference to Hawaii is: "Integrated neighborhoods, integrated schools, high rates of intermarriage - the islands sound as if they should be a racial paradise" (Olson 255). Even though this quote is used to talk about prejudice, reading this makes me realize how diverse our society is. We are surrounded by people of many ethnicities, backgrounds, color, beliefs and values.
Whereas language creates a barrier due affecting peoples ability to communicate and interact with one another according to a studies done by the World watch Institute and Summer Institute of Linguistics only about 66% of the world is bilingual. (Linguistics, 2001) Another major barrier would be religion, Kristen Houghton says, "Having the same religious and spiritual beliefs are part of criteria many people use when seeking a marriage partner. They feel strongly that the person they are going to marry should have the same traditions and customs, and intensity of belief as they themselves do. For them, it is an integral part of marriage" (Houghton).

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