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Published: 2021-06-29 07:03:28
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In Dead Poet's Society, the director used techniques such as camera angles, lighting, sound and editing which helps show the conflict between conformity and individuality. Students at this school conform so that they don't get in trouble. Being an individual at this school was looked at as a ''sin''. You were paddled and told to just do what your told. All that Mr. Keeting in Dead Poet's Society is trying to show us that conforming to a group or a thing is not always the right thing to do.
In the courtyard scene Mr. Keeting asks three students to walk around the courtyard in a circle. The students begin at all different paces but they end up all at the same pace. The other students that are standing watching begin to also clap with the beat of the students footsteps. Mr. Keeting then begins to explain how the students began as individuals and then decided to conform and walk at the same pace. Even the students watching all joined in. Mr. Keeting then proceeded to have the students walk at their own pace and in their own way to represent individuality. When all the students were making fools of themselves Mr. Keeting turns around and notices that Charlie decided not to walk. He asks him why and Charlie said he was performing his right not to. Then Mr. Keeting said that was the whole point of the lesson. He was showing the class that you should always be yourself and do what you believe is right, and to not just do what someone else says so that you are not judged. During this scene the director decided to keep going back and forth from the courtyard to the window of the Principal. This shows that even Mr. Keeting is being looked at as an individual that is going against the conformist thinkings of the school. The principle looked angry and very concerned that there was going to be a problem. This was foreshadowing because Mr. Keeting was fired and accused of teaching wrong philosophies. That scene made me believe Mr. Keeting

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