The Elements of Leadership and Their Relationship

Published: 2021-06-29 06:55:16
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The Elements of leadership and Their Relationship
To Creating an Effective Work Environment
Seth K. Smith
Webster University


While most businesses that operate in the United States are focused on creating an empire that will be successful for many years to come, they often overlook the simple things that are the foundation of their business, their employees. Businesses employees are the foundation for the operations that are performed on a daily basis. Without these employees, the business would eventually fail and be unable to achieve their goals. The needs and wants of an organization employee in relation to the elements of fundamental leadership need to be identified to create a harmonious work environment that fosters motivation. By creating a work environment that fosters motivation, employees will be given the catalyst that they need to be efficient, focused, and motivated to uphold the mission statement of their respectable organizations.

Lockheed Martin
Lockheed Martin has grown to become one of the largest defense contractors in the world. With over 140,000 employees, one of their largest hurdles other than production is to create an environment that fosters motivation and keeps their employees energized to come to work on a daily basis. To create an environment that is safe and that sets the stage for motivation, Lockheed Martin maintains high environmental, safety, and health standards and strives to continually improve performance by ensuring that its employees are safe and taken cared for from a personal and business perspective. The company has built a layered approach to the way that they do business; they have realized that to effectively run a business, they have to have a motivated workforce. The company supports this layered approach to management by employing an industry-leading organizational management system that focuses on promoting consistency throughout the business environment.
By maintaining these policies and strategies, they can ensure that all employees are given an equal opportunity to be a successful part of the business organization. The company fosters motivation by rewarding employees on the basis of performance and strict compliance to company standards. By rewarding those employees and organizations that exemplify the ethical and moral standards that have been set by the company, the perception that exceeding standards on a daily basis is driven into the work practices of all company members.
Within every LM work environment, they ensure that all the elements that are needed for employee motivation exist. Employee appreciation programs identify those that exceed the expectations of their duty position. LM also ensures that the families of those that work for the company are well taken care of when employees are at home or on the road. Each and every employee is given an equal shot at advancing within the company through their promotional program. LM realizes that they will have a more productive work force if they can provide an environment that fosters motivation; through these programs, LM employees are supplied with what is needed to foster motivation within the company.

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