The Differences During Adolescence Between Boys and Girls

Published: 2021-06-29 07:08:37
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The Differences During Adolescence Between Boys and Girls
Puberty is a time in a child's life when their body changes and also the child start developing new emotions and enhancing the emotions that already present. Going from childhood to adolescence is one of the biggest changes that an individual will go through. Puberty is the beginning of adulthood for children.
Male Adolescence
The average boy will start puberty after they have turned nine years old and it will and will continue until right around the age of 14 (Steinberg, 2002). The average teen grows somewhere in the vicinity of one foot during puberty (Steinberg, 2002). Makes will tend to grow to a greater height then females and at a more rapid pace than that of a female. As a male goes through puberty and his growth spurts, he will start to gain muscle and muscle weight. Physically a boy changes in a certain sequence when entering into puberty. The first changes will come physically to boys sexual organs and these changes are the first indicators of puberty. These changes come about even before the boy even goes into a growth spurt. After the changes to the child's sexual organs then the child will start to experience the growth spurt. Along with the growth spurt comes the growth of the sexual organs and hair on the face. And finally the final change to a boy would be his voice getting deeper and more profound than it was before.

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