The Differences Between Bf-109 and Bf-190

Published: 2021-06-29 07:04:41
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The Difference between Bf-190 and Bf-109 in WW21.0 INTRODUCTIONIn World War II, before the army uses Fw-190 and Me-262 as the fighter aircraft in air battle, Bf-190 and Bf-109 were two of the most famous fighter aircraft in Nazi Germany. According to Cross said in his memoirs in 1976,“They often appeared together in the air battle of Germany. These two aircraft were all designed by Messerschmitt and they were all fighter jet. Their appearances are similar to each other, too.”,we can find out that Bf-109 and Bf-190 are similar to each other. But although Bf-109 and Bf-190 often fight against the enemy together and they are all fighter aircraft, their design has absolute differences, and on the surface at least, they seem totally opposite. This essay just gives some differences between these two fighter aircraft. Firstly this essay will make a general over view of these two aircraft. Secondly, it will make a comparison between their flying range, their low-flying maneuverability and high altitude function and which kind of war they are expert in. Finally it will make comparison between their firepower.2.0 A general over view of Bf-109 and Bf-190They are renowned for their excellent performance and the total number of aircraft they destroyed. Only the Bf-109 there were 33984 planes was manufactured in WW2.(Hickman, 2013) What Bf-109 first flew in the sky was on May.29th, 1935.(Hickman, 2013) And it begins to serve in the army in 1937 and retire from Nazi Germany military service in 1945 and last retired in 1965 in Spain.(Hickman, 2-13) Bf-190 appeared later than it.(Ebert, 2000)

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