The Difference Between Knowing and Believing

Published: 2021-06-29 07:07:28
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The Difference between Knowing and Believing
Latasha Y. McMaster
AIU Online

Every day we ask ourselves if what we believe is true or not, the answer can be given in only one way. Sometime we do not want to believe things because we do not have facts or reason that back up what we believe. When a truth is found using acts, it is known as an empirical truth (Solomon/Higgins, 2010). Which means that the facts in finding the truth were facts gained from experience (Solomon/Higgins, 2010).
The Difference between Knowing and Believing
This paper will discuss the difference between knowing and believing something to be true. I will discuss the facts the lead me to believe that my husband, Brandon, loves me. This paper will show how logical reason and empirical evidence can lead a person to either know or believe a fact to be true. Does Brandon love me? In this paper I will provide enough empirical evidence and logical reasoning that will prove that I believe that Brandon loves me.
Brandon is the person that is in my life that I really loves me and has been in my life for the past 10 years. In this 10 years we have had our issues that has causes a couple of arguments but we have always stuck it out and remained together. I have never doubted that Brandon does not love me because his actions in our relationship has shown me that he loves me. He has always been there for even when I had nothing he was there to pick up the pieces and do the things that I could not do for myself. Whenever I need anything Brandon is there to provide for me and my family and that has led me to know and believe that Brandon loves me.

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