The Democratic Republic of Congo

Published: 2021-06-29 07:04:39
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The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is located in the central part of Africa. It is a country that has been the scene of political unrest since decolonization. The conflict in DRC has been called 'Africa's First World War' because it has been the deadliest war since World War II. Several theories on the roots of this conflict have been advanced, some being more credible than others.
Despite having the most important United Nations (UN) peacekeeping mission, the MONUC, the situation in DRC has not been solved yet. This can be interpreted in various ways but the main point is that the root cause of the crisis has either not been found yet or it has not been dealt with. Also, some argue that the international community does not care about the DRC. They base this argument on a comparison of the type of support received by Kosovo and the one provided to DRC.
The DRC is very rich in natural resources and that attracts a lot of vultures. The weakness of the government and the army greatly compromises the sovereignty of the state as the army seems to be unable to safeguard the territorial integrity of the country.
Also, there are numerous rebel groups in DRC that are very well equipped; which gives them an advantage on the government's army and the ability to defeat it. In fact, the exploitation of the mineral resources of the country is a source of income; therefore, they are usually well armed and this is the main reason why the army has failed to neutralize them so far. Unfortunately, these rebel groups are not the only ones causing trouble but the neighboring countries are often involved in one way or the other.
The purpose of this analysis is to show the double agendas of the neighboring countries and the international community at large. This will demonstrate how the resources of the DRC have turned out to be a curse. The various countries involved in DRC try to justify their occupation of the Congolese territory with reasons such as a certain rebel group being a threat to their national security, which might be true, but it remains a violation of the sovereignty of DRC. Also, there can be a hidden agenda related to some form of illegal exploitation of the natural resources of Congo.
The main example that will be used will be the description of the recent crisis in eastern DRC involving the government of Rwanda, the Congolese government and some rebel groups. The study will also show the intervention of France in DRC, its particular approach and its questionable motives.

The presence of Tutsis in the Democratic Republic of Congo finds its origin in the delimitation of African borders by the colonial powers that did not take into consideration the repartition of the tribes or ethnic groups.

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