The Death Penalty - Impartial

Published: 2021-06-29 07:10:48
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Sentencing people to their death has been apart of human society for as long as time began. Whether if it is referred to as euthanization, capital punishment, or the death penalty, it is all in means of taking someone's life from them because of a wrong they had committed. Aborting someone's life is a strong topic on which it is debatable to whether or not the government, or any other human figure, deserves the right to play god. And the 8th Amendment states that "Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted." To say that death does not lay under the cruel and unusual punishment cannot be proved in that no one has ever survived death to confirm whether or not death is painful or not. That being said, it is arguable that we, as Americans are contradicting the Bill of Rights that our founding fathers created in the hopes of creating a just country. While this question still lays in society, and I feel it will continuously be argued for many years; I am impartial when this topic is discussed.
The Death Penalty was created to abolish the one who committed a crime that was so offensive, or destructive that the federal government would be forced to take such actions. The debate as to whether or not supporting such criminals in jail for life is worth our resources is where I agree that those who did such felonious crimes should be sentenced to death. Supporting one's life who took another person's life is unacceptable. To add to the productivity side of the Death Sentence, I believe that because it is proved that a percent of murderers who have been released from jail have committed the same crime they had done to get into jail. Thus, releasing such dangerous criminals has not only enabled them the opportunity to kill or steal, but has also put the innocent citizens in perilous situations when they should feel safe. Being that the Death Penalty is so permanent, if one's life had been falsely taken from them, it cannot be restored. This is why I am impartial to this debate. Referencing back to the eighth amendment, this could be considered cruel and unusual punishment. Whether or not the strategies used to euthanize are painful or not will forever be uncertain, therefore inflicting this sentence upon and innocent person could be mistakenly done, repeatedly.
The Death Penalty will most likely be apart of federal punishment forever, as it had been for all the years in the past. It is obvious on both sides of the topic that there are strong reasons whether to have it or to abolish it. I am neutral in this debate because in either argument there are exceedingly accountable points that I agree with. In the debate of keeping the death penalty or relinquishing it, I believe it is up to the government and the people of the united states to agree upon a final decision.

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