The Day My Cat Ran Away

Published: 2021-06-29 07:04:53
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my cat ran away when i was six i havent seen her since. i loved her with all my heart and didnt want to ever loose her because she was my little baby. I want nothing more than to have her back in my arms. now i have another little kitten and she is not like that one she is very braty and doesnt like to listen very well. her name is kitty and she is only three to four weeks old i wish that my parents had jjust brought home my kitty i lost a while ago. her name is kitty because i didnt think she deserved a name because she isnt my kitten she is gods kitten. i love her to but not as much as i loved my old kitty. she is a rabuncious little kitten who runs in and out of the house all day and doesnt really stop moving and when she gets scared she likes to grab onto ur face and keep her claws in ur face so that u know full well judging by the pain of her nails in ur skin that she is very scared. i dont like her all that much but it keeps my mind off of my old kitten. a couple of months passed by and i was going on a walk and i saw my kitten it was off to the side in the ditch all i could see is her fur and a little bit of flesh. the flesh in the middle was compacted all the way down so someone had hit her and no one had even put up signs. i sat their and cried for a good hour got up went home and told my mom. we put up signs all around the town asking if someone would come forward for hitting my cat. and one person did they came to my door and told us that they were very sorry and if their was something that they could do to help in any way then to just ask. i almost went off all i wanted is to my dead cat to come to life so i could hold her again.

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