The Dancing Princesses

Published: 2021-06-29 07:00:11
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The Dancing PrincessesScene 1Narrator: A queen, as the brothers Grimm have taught us had three very deceitful daughters whose shoes                  were always battered, heels worn down and soles worn through. The queen was perplexed as she                   could not detect how their shoes were wrecked.Queen:    Servant Valerie! Come here!Valerie:   Yes, Your Majesty , your humble , obedient , loyal , and polite servant has arrived !Queen:    I have a very important task to entrust to you as the country’s financial wealth depends on it. Now                  listen carefully! Here’s the mystery:                 Every morning, my daughter’s shoes are battered without any reason. I want you to convey this                 message to the public that if any gentlemen is able to solve this mystery, he is to wed my lovely                 daughter.Valerie:  I understand, Your Majesty. I shall proceed at once.Narrator:  The queen enter his daughter’s room. The princesses stand around the queen.Cha-cha:  Mommy dear, why are you so angry? I understand that mummy needs to repair our shoes but I’m                     sure  it won’t be a problem for you.Bossanova:  Mommy, I want all these fine shoes to be replaced! All of them must be in the best of condition. I                        want my shoes to be done with the finest workmanship and it must be encrusted with the most                        rarest diamonds and precious stones that can be found in the world! I will not accept anything less                        than that!Queen:     Sweetheart, you know that I buy you shoes everyday of the season. However, your shoes always end                    up wrecked the next day.Bossanova:  But wrecking my own shoes is not a crime, mommy!Jitterbug:  Oh mommy dear, you are so sweet. You know we need to look after our feet!Queen:   Yes, but here’s the point. You just can’t fudge it. You do know that your feet cost me half of the                 national budget, don’t you?Scene 2Narrator:  Just as Valerie conveys this message, a young soldier named Hugh just arrived in town.Hugh:  Though I am a crippled soldier with no arms (weopons), I am on a quest to search for fortune.Narrator:  Just then, Hugh’s attention was brought to the notice attached on a pole. He reads the notice.Hugh:   (Reading) Reward- for the man who can deduce the cause of the royal footwear abuse. If your quest               meets with success, you shall wed a fair princess. But fail to find the reason why, the penalty is fixed:               you die!Narrator:   An old woman passes by.Old woman:   Greetings, young man! Good day, good day. Why are you in such a hurry?Hugh:   I’m going to town to solve the mystery of the royal footwear abuse.

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