The Curious Life of Bejamin Button

Published: 2021-06-29 07:07:03
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In 2008 a movie came out called The Curious Life of Benjamin Buttons, this movie was based on the life story of a man named Benjamin Buttons. The story was both simple and complex, a person born old and went through life getting younger as time past. What were the main points of this movie and the moral of the story? In the next few paragraphs we will discuss what David Fincher and Eric Roth were trying to portray and how they were able to bring me to understand what the movie meant to me.
The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons was story that was told in a manner I have never seen before. The director David Fincher was able to portray a life of a man born in the early 20th century who age backwards. The movie was narrated by Benjamin's daughter Caroline as she sat by her mother's (Daisy) bedside during her last moments on earth. She read from Daisy diary telling the story of Benjamin Buttons. During the film the director made you experience a multitude of emotions from joy to sadness along with worry and despair. Brad Pitt played the main role of Benjamin Buttons, although he was one of seven actors that played the role of Benjamin he was the main actor throughout the movie. Benjamin appeared to be a very calm person looking at life as it came to him, relishing the moment. He displayed patience, rarely showing anger. In my opinion this was a role made for Brad Pitt because I feel he displays the same qualities in other productions he has been part of. In this film he projected the qualities of himself through Benjamin Buttons. An even tempered person, which for myself I have seen those qualities in Brad Pitt.

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