The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time Analysis

Published: 2021-06-29 06:54:31
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Imagine a world where you can't understand emotions, feelings and facial expression. When most of the time while interacting with someone, you'll feel afraid and insecure. " " explores the....
"The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time" is an award-winning book written by Mark Haddon. It is one of the international bestsellers and has won many prestigious prizes for both children's and adult literature. Mark Haddon intrigued his reader by the use of narrative conventions, such as character and language. Written from Christopher Boone's perspective, he narrates how he finds a dead dog in his front yard and his desperation of finding out the murderer.

Christopher is a 15-year old boy that is born with a medical condition called Aspergers Syndrome and he also has photographic memory. Due to his mental disability, Christopher is emotionally detached and he has behavioral problems. He has difficulty with reading people's emotions and hates lies as he feels that it threatens his sense of security. Christopher also doesn't like to be touched because he has difficulty interpreting whether someone is nice or wants to be violent with him. Due to Christopher's photographic memory, he struggles with controlling his thoughts, which results to him often getting stressed out with information overload. In the book, Christopher sees that a human mind is like a complicated machine but his mind is pure logic. His world is so orderly that he makes up coloured car systems, timetables and daily routines for his life. His world is carefully constructed and he hates the complexity and unpredictable chaos that other people bring, Christopher often implies that he longs to live in peace and alone. Christopher Boone's logical mind highlights the emotive and illogical world we live in. we realise how complex our world is like, the many different emotions people have and the many facial expressions we'll come across in one day.

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