The Cultural and Organization Climate

Published: 2021-06-29 07:12:23
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The cultural and organization climate of an organization is created and reinforce by founding factors and sustained by things such as how people are awarded, promoted and treated within the workplace. Both the climate and the cultural of an organization have a strong impact on the organization and to influence change both aspects need to be balanced.
Cultural can be defined as the values, beliefs, myths and norms within an organization whereas organizational climate is the perception and characterization that describe the organization and affect an employee's behavior.
Part of the cultural of the organization that I work for is that there is a value in higher education. This is demonstrated by the fact that many higher paying positions require a master's degree and time and money are set aside to achieve educational goals. Part of the organizational climate is perception that there is always an exception to the rule and that the organization is in consistent change. An example of this is that the college recently changed the start time of morning classes and that business objective seems to change with the wind.
For an organization to have an influence over the culture and climate of an organization takes strong leadership affectively engaging employees to find meaning in their work, reward behavior and by establishing a results driven environment.

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