The Crucibles Case

Published: 2021-06-29 07:02:25
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The Crucibles
Back in 1900's, racism and discrimination was one of the most important things in the society. Low race people were not essential in the society where high race people were given the most respect in the society. And same thing happens in Arthur Millers book, The Crucibles, in the movies Remember The Titans and also, in real life. While Arthur Miller's play illustrates his themes of passive acceptance of injustice may be the greatest evil of all, the movie dramatizes this theme more fully.
One way the movie The Crucibles presents the struggles of John Proctor more powerfully than the book is through careful use of camera focus and scene set up. By saying that I mean that John Proctor is presented more impressively in the movie because in the book it all seems like a corny story but the movies set up makes it all feel like real story even though its not.
In addition to developing the conflict for John Proctor through camera focus and scene set up, the book of The Crucible presents his struggle using tone. He doesn't stand up for what he has been blamed of by the Salem community. Even though he had an affair with Abigail he confessed at the end and it was all set after that.

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