The Crucible and Great Gatsby

Published: 2021-06-29 06:54:28
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THE GREAT GATSBY uses symbols to represent the hollowness of the upper class. East vs West is the first symbol he uses to make a separation between old and new rich. Another symbol are the unread books, which represents Gatsby as a fake; as a person who wants to show something he really isn't. Daisy's voice is the third symbol, and it represents the ambitious mind he had towards money. Money takes a fundamental role in the story, because thanks to it the characters change and become someone they really aren't.

Society has, indeed, a great part to play in shaping the identities of individuals. East vs west Egg made the separation between the social classes. "By comparison, West Egg is the locale of the American dream in miniature and East Egg is the home of those who are longtime captains of industry". This was one of the reasons that shaped of each of the characters behavior. For example, Jay Gatsby didn't have lots of money, but suddenly he was the most prestigious when compared to all of the characters. He thought that with all of his money the world could be the way he wanted to be and that he could get anything he wants. This reflects the kind of person he was and the carelessness he had. He didn't care about others feelings nor something else, but money. This negligence was the first step for his hollowness, because later this lack of care will put people against him converting it into an obstacle in his life.

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