The Crucible

Published: 2021-06-29 06:54:27
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The act takes place in Proctor’s home, and throughout this scene it is obvious that John is powerful and is head of the household. When John arrives he is holding a gun, which in some ways could represent power and also foreshadow the violence that will soon take place. John walks over to the food that was left for him, however he is not quite pleased with how the food tastes and so he adds salt into the food. Towards the end of the scene John washes his face and hands slowly, which is his way of trying to cleanse himself of the sins that he has committed. At this time puritans had very strict rules, one that look down upon adultery and so committing this sin could also result in one's death. Most of the events that take place in this act happen slowly in order to help the reader better understand the mood and emotions that are being represented by the actors.
Elizabeth enters the room and asks him why he arrived at such a late hour. As she enters the room and serves him the audience could see that there is some tension between both John and Elizabeth. As they talked about the food John moves and makes an attempt to kiss Elizabeth however, according to the play she “received it, with a certain disappointment”. Throughout the act, anytime one of them came too close to one another, Elizabeth would appear uncomfortable and distant. As the scene continues, the audience could feel the awkwardness and tension between both of them. It becomes more apparent when they begin to talk about winter and when it will finally pass. John says “It’s winter in here yet. On Sunday let you come with me, and we’ll walk the farm together; I’ll never see such a load of flowers on earth.” Winter symbolizes the hard times that they have faced as a couple, and when summer comes with its ‘flowers’ the tough times will pass. The flowers blooming from the harsh winter symbolize a new beginnings, and happiness.

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