The Consumption and Production Resources

Published: 2021-06-29 07:09:16
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The number of people on the planet increases by the minute. This increase in number not only means a higher population but also a higher affect rate for the planet we live on. The consumption and production resources that we use play a major role in the affects we see on the planet.

The production habits of paper production and oil are my choices to discuss. Forests become affected when paper production begins. The forest is a well- known home for the plant and animal species, and during this process many trees have to be cut down. Trees help to stabilize the climate when clearing the atmosphere of carbon dioxide. Most people may not realize it but paper production involves the use of chemicals that are released in the water and the air and this causes damage to the human species. Oil production greatly affects wildlife, habitats, and the environments that we live in. When oil is dumped into the sea and ocean animal lives become endangered. By ingesting the water animals die and their decomposing bodies remain in the water. This oil affects humans also when oil spills occur and land animals such as cows drink the water. Since we use cows as a source of food, we then become greatly affected when we digest the meat. I think to reduce the problems with paper and oil production will be to stop cutting down so many trees, recycle and not liter, and dispose of oil properly and not just dump oil into the animal's water supply.
The consumption of meat and tobacco are my choices to discuss. What is consumption? Consumption is "the process in which the substance of a thing is completely destroyed, used up, or transformed into something else" ( Business Dictionary, 2012) "Consumption is still viewed an unalloyed (pure) good by many economists, along with business leaders & politicians, who tend to see jacking up consumption as a cure-all for economic ills" (Turk & Bensel, 2011). People in different cultures produce food by different methods. The use of pastoralism "the practice of herding as the primary economic activity of a society" (Dictionary, 2012) is often practiced. Consumption wise, there is less energy involved to make the animal product but it's more extensive to see progress. Although having your own animals as the source for food such as meat, eggs, and milk, is good to a certain extent the amount of land that it takes for the animals to graze would be in higher numbers. Tobacco is very damaging to human health but people continue to chew tobacco, dip snuff, and smoke cigarettes daily. Smoking does the most damage because it not only affects the one smoking it affects others that are around. The smoke can be ingested by a non-smoker and as a result the non-smoker can get lung cancer from the second hand smoke. Companies spend various amount of time and money into making advertisements to get people to smoke and it's making them thousands of dollars. Humans

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