The Conflict Between Great Britain and Her North American Colonies Economic Was Economic in Origin

Published: 2021-06-29 06:53:18
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Joe’s DBQ 1The conflict between Great Britain and her North American colonies economic was, to a great extent, economic in origin; however, played a role to be reckoned with, indicating it was rooted in political or social controversies and differences was both an orthodox reason that seemed reasonable and more compelling to the people lived in the colonies and a reflection of people’s awareness of the importance of liberty. First and foremost, the writs, acts, regulations that infuriated Colonial people were mostly related to economic benefits and rights of them, and people in the colonies were fighting against the Britain for their own economic interests. Stated in Document B, the Stamp Act Congress, the meeting of representatives from different colonies, declared that under no circumstance can a tax be imposed to them without their consent or representation of them, meaning that “No Taxation without Representation”. This shows that the colonial people were angry at the Great Britain partially because of the seemingly unfair regulations and taxations over the colonies. Although the flag carried by those advocates was about their natural rights, the underlying reason for the actions were economic: the Great Britain was hurting and limiting the economy of the colonies, hurting people’s economic benefues. In Document D, Gottfreid Achenwall points out that one feature of Colonial Commerce was that foreign trade was generally restricted, and the trade existed at that time was with colonies’ suzerains. Suggesting that the trade was controlled and limited by the colonial powers, this hard and fast fact strongly indicates that colonies were economically oppressed by their suzerains. A limited economy would very likely cause resistance and detestation from colonies towards the suzerains.

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