The Concept of Feminism

Published: 2021-06-29 06:53:16
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Assignment Term Paper
Deadline June 31, 2011
Points -

The concept of feminism.
Points to be considered:
ü Women were, for a long time isolated; they were not allowed to participate in politics or business- there main purpose was to take care of their family members. Now, its a new phenomenon, that ladies are becoming executives, senators, and participating in all scenarios. Sociology, tries to trace how this was accomplished. The results were that, this was achieved after the second world war when the demand of life came into being. Nowadays, affording every thing for
ü Feminism was a movement that started in the Europe and the United States. Gloria Steinem was the one that lead the movement of feminism.
ü Also mention Condo-Lisa Rice and Hilary Clinton.

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