The Comparison Between Chinese and Western Painting

Published: 2021-06-29 07:04:29
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The comparison between Chinese and Western painting
List of contents
Outline 2
Introduction of Chinese paintings 3
Introduction of Western paintings 3
The Philosophy of Chinese paintings and Western paintings 4
The material of Chinese paintings and Western Paintings 5
The Techniques of Chinese paintings and Western paintings 5
Compare the use of color between Chinese painting and Western paintings6
The perspective of Chinese painting and Western paintings 7
The similarities of Chinese and western paintings 9
Conclusion 10
Reference 11
Figure 1 8
Figure 2 9

Painting plays a significant role for people’s life, an excellent painting may influence people’s mind. There are two types dominant painting available in the world – which is traditional Chinese Painting and Western oil painting. Although the painting may illustrates their own meaning, the painting and painter under different background and culture would have different way of thinking. The purpose of this essay is to compare the difference between Chinese and Western Paintings in General. To be more exact, the essay will explain the difference between Chinese and Western paintings in philosophy, color, techniques, material techniques and perspective or any other relevant

Chinese paintings Western Paintings
Philosophy Confucianism, Buddhism and Daoism Christian
Color Simple – Black and white Colorful
Material Brush, Xuan paper and Ink linseed oil, poppy oil, walnut oil. Etc,
cardboard or board.
Techniques Lift the brush from the paper at the end of each to achieve a pointed shape. Break the line of the leaf, rather than overlap the strokes.
Use lines and strokes.
Techniques expression – “Hold” and “Guests” Use brush
Create the realistic scene
the painters would objectively depict the color, appearance, shade and light to make the audience engage the painting’s environment
Perspective Diffused Perspective flattened perspective

Introduction of Chinese paintings
Traditional Chinese painting also called brush painting. There are three pillars in Chinese painting which includes bird and flower painting, figure painting and landscape painting. Exactly, Chinese painting also can be divided two types which is Monochrome abbreviated ink work and Chinese realistic painting. Chinese landscape painting not only present the appearance of nature, but also represent the emotions and how painter’s feel to the landscape and life (Shaw 1988). Landscape painting is most popular and major theme of Chinese painting in the world. Painter use brush, ink, ink stone, ink stick water and rice paper to paint the Chinese painting. Even nowadays, more and more traditional Chinese painter would like to use brush and ink to produce the painting, which also produce their feeling, mood and emotions.

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