The Coming of the Plague (vendor)

Published: 2021-06-29 07:07:19
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Plague Vendor(Gig review)

By Zoso A.

On November 11, was the second show of Whittier based Garage punk band Plague Vendor, having a monthly residency in Downtown L.A.'s nightspot, the 5 Star Bar. This small yet lively bar and music venue can quickly fill up its capacity, for people to attend and watch many diverse acts perform.
Every night is a new line up with new bands to play, however, for the first timer to check out 5 Star Bar on this particular evening will be in for a musical shot of adrenaline to last well into the night.
Plague Vendor kicks off their set with a song called "Black Sap Scriptures". When hearing this song, one automatically feels a rush from their ears and to their feet making the head bop in metronome, as vibrating drums encourages the crowd to bust a move across the dance floor.
There's an obvious mixture of the regulars and new lambs within the audience for Plague Vendor tonight. People who are here for the first time, unbeknownst of what they are in store for, along with a well seasoned demographic of dedicated fans of the band. Halfway throughout their set, Plague Vendor plays a song where their own band name humorously enough, happens to be the running chorus that has got quite an addictive hook to it. The beginning of the song is where their drummer taking lead with his heavy yet rapid drum hits, suddenly then takes a 90 degree turn, with bass now joining in while wearing a ninja like mask over his face, and crossing into a more funkier tune.

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