The Columbian Exchange

Published: 2021-06-29 06:53:14
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History 1301

The Columbian Exchange

Christopher Columbus's discovery of the Caribbean led to the discovery of a sea bridge connecting the eastern and western hemispheres, which led to the eventual discover of the New World. Around 1492 Europeans began to trade technological ideas, agriculture products, slave labor, and devastating disease with Native Americans of the New World. This new sea bridge worked in both directions, and had many benefits and devastating effect for both Europe and The New World. Because of Christopher Columbus's voyages this period of time was coined as the Colombian Exchange and is still relevant today.
From the New World the Europeans received many different foods such as corn, and potatoes. These crops became extremely important to dies of the Europeans, especially their poorest population. Having access to these new crops greatly improved their health which intern increased Europe's population. As Europe's population, grew more Europeans migrated to the New World greatly increasing its population. Native Americans in the New World also saw benefits from the exchange of good. For example, the Europeans brought over wheat and sugarcane. Sugarcane was difficult to grow in the Eastern hemisphere, but because of the climate of the Western Hemisphere the New World, sugarcane thrived. Sugarcane became one of the largest cash-crops in history which lead to Europe's increased need for labor, and brought great wealth to the Old World. Europe's need for labor is what eventually led to Native Americans and Africans being enslaved.

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