The Code of Hammurabi

Published: 2021-06-29 06:53:07
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Primary source analysis 1
The Code of Hammurabi
Translated by L. W. King

The codification of Hammurabi established by King Hammurabi had an ostensibly harsh and uncommon arrangement of penalization. Notwithstanding the number of differences in penalization, there are important similarities between our laws today and Hammurabi's code of laws. The basis of Hammurabi's law is that of equal retaliation, comparable to the Semitic law of "an eye for an eye." The law compromises shelter to all classes of Babylonian citizens; it pursues to protect the fragile and low class citizens, against unfairness at the hands of the wealthy and dominant citizens. This has numerous similarities to our laws today; they were produced to defend all people equally and appropriately. There also is an extremely meaningful difference with our laws, in that most penalties today are not as severe.
The code of Hammurabi assumed an enormous part in esteeming the aspect of life. In our general public today, cubicle wrongdoing retaliations are kept for fewer violations. Killing is viewed as a capital wrongdoing, and still, after all that occasionally there must be further conditions. Today, despite everything we do put an extraordinary incentive on life, yet we see it in an unexpected way. That arrangement of law was presumably extremely viable in that timeframe yet in all probability wouldn't hold up in the present society. Today the general population chooses the laws and discipline in general.

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