The Changes of Uncle Axel

Published: 2021-06-29 07:01:41
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Wyndham compares him to someone in our lives that we can trust and run to whenever we are in need. "I hesitated, and then because he was Uncle Axel and my best friend among the grown-ups." This shows that David sees Uncle Axel as his important person and thus, is able to entrust his secrets with Uncle Axel. Their relationship is established is because Uncle Axel's open-minded and friendly personality. When he discovers that David has mental deviation, he does not report him to the inspector, but instead he asks David "to promise that [he] will never, never tell anyone else what [he] have just told [him]" (31). Uncle Axel is very tolerant and perceptive. He is not like the other Waknukians, he allows the differences between people as he has seen many things outside Waknuk. Uncle Axel knows about other creatures outside Waknuk with similar uniqueness not only mentally but also physically that's why they are outside Waknuk. Besides, Uncle Axel is very thoughtful and patient as he will slowly explain the new perceptive to young David. He knows that David is too young to face such serious problems and issues but he will patiently let him understand everything.

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