The Case of the Missing Sculpture

Published: 2021-06-29 07:06:27
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The Case of the missing Sculpture
An ongoing investigation of the Findlay Foundation's stolen sculpture remains a mystery.
According to Taylor Vim, the Findlay Foundation was founded in 1990 by Dr. Findlay's former husband Severn Basalt to support arts organizations in the city of St. Louis (A1). Only eight guests remained after a catered meal was served on the veranda of the Findlay home for an informal board meeting. All of the remaining guests from: " Stasia Findlay (49), president of the Findlay Foundation; Dana Fellows (35), head of public relations for the Findlay Foundation; Fortunata James (46), artist-in-residence at the Findlay Foundation; Dorian Hawksblood (53); a journalist and researcher; Hector Peters (42), the Findlay Foundation's vice-president; Lucien Fall-Barrows (28); Alexandra Peters (19), Dr. Findlay's daughter; and Marcus Basalt (22), Dr. Findlay's son, were questioned by police" (A1). Of the eight guests, Marcus Basalt, Alexandra Peters, and Stasia Findlay, are responsible for the disappearance of the sculpture. The sculpture, also known as "Forged Steel" was highly valuable and was insured for three and a half million dollars (Vim A1). Basalt and Peters part in this plan is to make sure the sculpture is well hidden and that nobody will ever find it. Findlay's part in all of this is to make a claim with the insurance company, because the three of them all need the money.
Hector Peters and Dorian Hawksblood were arguing over money and film (Vim A1). Basalt decided he was tired and came inside after dinner. At this time, he was alone in the house. Basalt went into the conservatory, took a sharp object from his pocket and shattered the glass case, taking the sculpture to his room to hide it. He hid the sculpture in a place where nobody would ever think to look for it. He knew the sculpture was insured for millions of dollars and if it couldn't be found, a claim would most certainly be filed with the insurance company . The police were called to investigate the missing sculpture. They start their normal procedure, inspecting the home. The police note in their report, that the alarm system was shut off, and all the windows at the front and rear of the house were unlocked (Vim A1). Basalt, who was already in the house, was first to be questioned. He tells the police that when he sleeps, a freight train could not awaken him. Basalt admits to spending the last nine months in prison for forgery (St. Louis Weekly Magazine 12). Basalt also claims he has taken college courses at The Arts/Rehab Center of St. Louis (St. Louis Weekly Magazine 12). The college courses Basalt took, did little in helping him to find a job. Basalt still needed money to move out of his mother's home. Basalt wants a place of his own. But at this point he can't afford one.
Alexandra Peters says, she was in and out of the house helping to wash the dishes used during the dinner (Vim A1). She says, the sculpture was still in the conservatory

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