The Bridge over the River Kwai

Published: 2021-06-29 06:53:38
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NAME :PROFESSOR :SUBJECT :DATE :The Bridge on the River Kwai Rigidness , determination and sentimentality of one person led to the creation of the Bridge on the River Kwai . At the height of WWII , the British army lost in their war against the Japanese in Thailand . As prisoners of war and a prisoner of the Japanese , hospitality is far from imagination . The need to transport supplies , troops and arms and further expand Japan 's invasion to other British colony , a bridge has to be build but the time was running out . The prisoners of war were needed to the accomplishment of the bridge . Nicholson , despite their loss and wrath of the Japanese commander , was rigid in his decision not to subject himself and his men to build the bridge . In the scene where they were ordered by Colonel Saito to build the bridge :Nicholson : I heard your remarks just now sir . I can assure you , my men will carry on in the way one expects of the British soldier . And naturally , my officers and I will be responsible for their conduct . Now sir , you may have overlooked the fact that the use of officers for manual labor is expressly forbidden by the Geneva Convention .Saito : Is that so ?Nicholson : I happen to have a copy of the Convention with me and would be glad to let you glance through it if you wish . The confrontational struggle between Nicholson and Saito led into the building of the historical bridge on the river Kwai . Though pressured ,Nicholson was bold and determined to build the bridge . He dismissed the thought of the possible crime of treason and strengthening the Japanese forces by building them a stronger railway to victory .Time ran fast but Nicholson never thought of giving up nor asking the Japanese help . His admirable determination has strengthened and uplifted his men 's morale :Nicholson : We 're not going to finish the bridge on time .We haven 't the manpower , that 's all . I 've asked the officers to lend a hand and they 've agreed . But even that won 't do it .Clipton : You mean the officers are going to work on the bridge ?Nicholson : Yes . I explained the situation to them and they volunteered to a man , but it 's not enough .Clipton : Why didn 't you ask Saito and some of his men ?Nicholson : Wouldn 't dream of it ! No , this is our show . We must make the most of our own resources . As a matter of fact , that 's what I came to talk to you about . The sick list .Nicholson , honored , was satisfied with the perfect and marvelous structure of the bridge . It has indeed served its purpose , especially to the Japanese in the course of war . The thought of war was overshadowed with the value of the bridge . Nicholson 's sentimentality on the bridge does not only prove the majestic creation and ingenuity of his people and the British as a whole but the value of the...

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