The Big Boom

Published: 2021-06-29 07:06:10
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The Big Boom

The experience I have chosen to tell about is an accident I was

involved in last summer. Last summer for my birthday, I had a spend the

night party. Most of my friends arrived at the house at about 4:00 PM that

day. My friends at the party so far were Will Mathis, Grant Moss, and

Destin Herron. It was a sunny day and we wanted to stay outside

and play. We all wanted to ride the dune buggy and the four wheelers, so

my dad got all of them out of the garage for us. We were all riding and

having a good time when Hackett Shiflett arrived at about 4:30 PM. At this

time everyone invited was at the party. We were ready for a fun night. We

were going to play awhile and then go to the drive in movie in Alabama.

Before we had a chance to play I made a decision that really messed up my

birthday party.

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