The Analysis of Mark Twain's Speech Books, Authors, and Hats

Published: 2021-06-29 06:53:52
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The Analysis of Mark Twain's speech Books, Authors, and Hats

A humorist is a person who is skillful in the use of humor, as in writing, talking, or acting. This one word is the best way to describe Mark Twain's personality. The speech that Mark Twain presented in London to the Pilgrims Club, in 1907, titled Books, Authors, and Hats, with an introduction by William Dean Howells, who quoted Mr. Birrell, who spoke highly of Mark Twain.. In Mark Twain's speech he creates a strong emotional background for his flashbacks of his earlier years and memories. In his speech he covers three topics concerning authors, books, and hats.
The time takes place in London, England, in 1907, at the Pilgrims club to honor Mark Twain for his great success in literature. He starts off by telling the audience that he is close to his seventy-second birthday, and the young people undergraduates of Oxford University bring back memories of when he was young. He tells the audience of the many challenges he faced during his life. He first starts off with a story about how a friend of his, Professor Norton visited a friend of his named Mr. Darwin. As his story goes on Professor Norton talks about how Mr. Darwin pointed out a few object that were significant to him (pitcher-plants, a few books on the coffee table, and so on) Darwin tells Norton that he permits the chambermaid to touch anything but the objects he had pointed out. Norton soon figures out that a book of Mark Twain's was one of the books on the coffee table that he used to read and which put Mr. Darwin to sleep. Mark Twain said he didn't know if that was a good thing or a bad thing, putting Mr. Darwin to sleep, who needed a lot of rest from his important scientific work. At other times Mark Twain was challenged in unexpected ways. For example, when he arrived in England, he saw a newspaper man who carried a poster with incorrect punctuation. The poster read "Mark Twain arrives Ascot Cup Stolen" (Twain5). This would have ruined his reputation, he thought, because people who read the poster might have thought he had stolen the Ascot Cup. He told the audience that he never even saw the Cup. Mark Twain also talks about his misfortunes, especially the death of his daughter that died at a young age and how it brought him sorrow; thus showing an appeal for pathos in his writings and speeches. The goal of his writing was to share a good story with a good moral lesson. Everyone who read his stories came to have great affection for him. This was true in England, in America, as well as all over the world. He felt the affection of the British people and he did not feel like a stranger when he was in England.
Mark Twain has a clever way o putting his humor in his literature creations. The speaker's main objective would be to entertain the reader in short little stories that have a moral meaning. For example

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